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Now, I hate the clock crew as much as anybody...

...But I gotta admit, Sagat clock was funny (Especially with the reference to 'dumb and dumberer'...SH*T!). The graphics weren't too good, though, and the sound needed work. Pretty good overall, though.

That's it?

You only made one scene, and it wasn't even a good scene! It was the sodomy one! What the fudge? Besides its shortness, it was pretty good, especially the sound. Next time just make more!

I like the idea...

2 Flash artists create seperate outcomes to a story. It's a good idea i'd like to see more often, but I don't think this movie put the concept to use as well as it could have. For another movie like this, you should start it off with a story, and then let multiple Flash artists make their own endings to it. It would be like a Time-Trial, but it would make more sense. Anybody with me?

Arfenhouse III



I love completely useless randomness in movies like this, which may be why my favorite show is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Excellent!

Good movie

were the heros speaking german? Or just gibbberish? Anyways, good graphics and sound, but work on the animation a little bit.

Feh, anime...

...I just don't like the style, and the story doesn't appeal to me(what is it, little pansy forest elves fight monsters? lame), but I still give you a 3/5, for graphics and sound.

Slightly better than the last one...

...But suffers from the same problems, like the graphics and sound (especially sound, or lack thereof). *SPOILER ALERT*~One question, how can the story go on if you made the main character die? You should do a flashback or something for #3. I have no clue why, but I want to see what happens next, so bring it on!


I HATE it when people don't make their movies long enough, and I have to write reviews for 2 or more parts (I'm sort of being a hypocrit here-look at my Assassination Jim series. So sue me!). I also didn't like the graphics and sound all too much, but it is a sort of interesting idea, just make the next one longer.

Really good

Good story, graphics, sound, and music, and it was funny, too!

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