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That made me tired...

Not because it was boring, but because it was so overwhelming. Good job, everything was perfect!

pretty good, I guess, but...

I thought it was about the PC-game Black & White, which is awesome, not about a giggling ball with an @$$-crack. Pretty good, though.

What's wrong with responding to reviews?

This movie was pretty sweet, and I liked your other movie ("VGD in Ninja-hell a'Hard") too. Keep on keepin' on!


funny. While I didn't see anything to do with the matrix in this movie, it was still funny. I especially liked the sound editing (Cisqo!). Good job

not good

I frankly hate your sense of humor. Ass fucking mushrooms. I don't do drugs, so I am not laughing. I know I sound like a son of a b*tch, but I'm tired and I feel like ranting, so shut up. I also hated the lame animation and I am not a fan of final fantasy, like the rest of these gothic Newgrounds douche-bags. I now have made enemies with the majority of newgrounds. Maybe I should stop typing. Yes. Stop typing Mr_A will. Yep. Stopping. Not typing any more. Nope. Sorry. No more typing. (PS-Just kidding about the gothic thing...mostly)

dragged on

It was okay, and it had good graphics and voice-overs, but just wouldn't end. Next time you should trim the edges a little more, and make more action & less talking. And make that goblin that follows Jabba around do his laugh. I love that

that was pretty cool

And it must have took you forever, how you made the mouse move and actually click on everything, but next time make it more interactive


While i'm not into this gothic stuff, I do have to give you credit for giving my ad (Assassination Jim Ad!!!...look it up!) some credit of its own (and the pictures were pretty good I guess, too)

OCP-Lock responds:

Hmm..I'm not quite sure I understand what you are talking about with the Assassination Jim Ad. It sounds familiar, and I am glad that you took the time to review my movie. My next ones will be better though, I can guarantee that. Much better pictures, I promise...hha...

Pretty cool...

But I actually wanted to see Mario win. Does that make me a bad person?

I wish I didn't have to fill this part every time

The only two I really liked were "PJ's got a gun" and "Tricky's survival secrets". The others were common gothic Newgrounds fare.

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