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Yeah...I didn't like it

The music just played from the loader through all the movies, and the movies themselves had no sound and...well, sucked. sorry man. to make you happy, I'll put my "overall" score to 5. Just because I'm loony.

Kaabi responds:

ok well the others had sound fx annd are going to improve next thing will have a game a movie by sbc and the sequal to my sprite movie and who knows what else

You didn't actually do any flash...

...It's all just movies you tied together in Flash, but at least they were funny. And if you had to wait a long time to see this movie because you have a 56k modem...well, that's your fault, isn't it?

wow, that last guy was a deuche

man, I love Urkel. He makes me giggle.

Great Job, BOSK productions!

And I'm not just saying that because I did a voice for the movie...All the problems of the first movie have been fixed, and it has a load of special features that I encourage you ALL to check out! STUPENDOUS.

Not bad...

But the voice-work and the wonky car animation brought me out of the movie entirely. Plus, I wanted to see who was calling them. I need closure...

Heeeeeeeeeeey-diddle diddle

Good. Everything was good. Afro-man with an Ice cream cone. Nothin' bad here, only good.

For some reason, I feel like I've seen this before

...Like 4 googleplex times. MAKE SOMETHING I WANT TO WATCH!

It's sort of a Tutorial/preview...

It's cool that you showed how you made a scene...But I HATE PREVIEWS! Previews and fan-things. Be creative, fools!

Tyler-Legrand responds:

I suppose that's inevitable.

Oh my lord...

...And this is going to pass, too...

It makes me a little mad that this got a 3.13...

but it's funny, I guess. By the way, who made that song? It's Catchy...


Tiare Tahiti Tamure, thats the song

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