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Propz for 3-year old flashes re-done!

Oh yeah! Give a shout-out for mexi-chicken and his voice from three years ago! Hollaback muthaf*cka! Whoop! Anyways, it was pretty good for your, what, third movie ever? There were two long parts (fight sequence, climbing grappling hook,) but no biggie. Anyhoo, everybody check out this guy's other two movies, he'll appreciate it. I'm outie!

Kloris responds:

Thanks for finally checking it out, man, hee! Yep, third movie ever. I timed the rope climbing section to be as long as Oink's adventurous song singing, which was probably only 25 seconds or so. I thought the scale of the place he was climbing would show that it did take him quite a while to get up there. Plus if you notice, it starts out pretty dark while he's at the bottom, and as he gets higher, the sun gets brighter and brighter. It sort of sets the mood, but people never notice little things like that, eh? The fight scene was also attempted to be timed to the song... If you notice the first heavy section is Snoid hurting Oinkness, then there's the acoustic part, then Oinkness kicks Snoid's butt.

As far as production time, this part 3 took about 5x longer to make than Part 2 did, but it only gained a few more points, so perhaps people don't really care so much for sprite movies despite how much effort goes in. Sure, I could have always made people just standing there with lip syncing, talking about dirty stuff with barely any animation, like the Ill Will Press stuff, but I guess I wanted to try something funner.... Who knows what the future holds for my projects, but I'd like to thank everyone who likes the Cow Story series for being so supporting. Peace!


That was a minivan, sir. A gravity minivan.

clevelandsteamer1 responds:

Technically, it was a volkswagon bus... a gravity volkswagon bus. :)

What class did you make this for?

I would've given you a larger score, but the whole movie was in german. And I hate nazis.

ShashiJapan4 responds:

I did add English subtitling for a reason...

Yeah, I noticed the transitions

There were lots, but you didn't seem to have any in this movie. A movie about transitions not having any. Double-you Tee Eff.

JeremyLokken responds:

There's a wipe after the editor gets killed. And a fade out at the end.

Pretty good

but it was too short, and I took a little bit off the score only because of the lack of realism. Penguins can't hold guns. What were you thinking.

S1979P responds:

The movie wasn't meant to be realistic :-p. I thought trees in the middle of no where, and ninja penguins would point that out

I'm not sure if I like this

I usually hate video game sprite stuff most of the time, but this one's pretty funny. How did you do the blurry part with the acid? Photoshop, i'm guessing. Acorn.

Incubusx500 responds:

u would be right there (ah i love photoshop)

Dude this is awesome

Damn this is super cowabunga fresh!... On ice!

mr-bond responds:


That was...

...a sticky, sticky turd. It was cool how it looped, though.

Boojamon responds:

( ' -'); "Sticky turd, sticky toffee pudding, same in appearance, same in taste."

last guy's right

you should die 8 times. You Gothic clock-loving anime-fruit. ha ha. I'm so getting banned. Here, I'll give you a 7 so I'm safe. Eat it.

Barrelclock responds:

die 8 times? ugh. no way man. That would be like overkill.

nice graphics...

...But there are too many other movies like this. Men in suits with sunglasses, and the smirking anime guy that kills them. I've seen it a million times.

vandal1989 responds:

lol loosen up man... naw u can say what u want I don't mind.

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