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Yeah...I didn't like it

The music just played from the loader through all the movies, and the movies themselves had no sound and...well, sucked. sorry man. to make you happy, I'll put my "overall" score to 5. Just because I'm loony.

Kaabi responds:

ok well the others had sound fx annd are going to improve next thing will have a game a movie by sbc and the sequal to my sprite movie and who knows what else

It's sort of a Tutorial/preview...

It's cool that you showed how you made a scene...But I HATE PREVIEWS! Previews and fan-things. Be creative, fools!

Tyler-Legrand responds:

I suppose that's inevitable.

It makes me a little mad that this got a 3.13...

but it's funny, I guess. By the way, who made that song? It's Catchy...


Tiare Tahiti Tamure, thats the song

Sorta good...

But the button was too hard to hit, so I lowered my score.

Kain-ScionOfBalance responds:

i am working on a new preloader,but i don't know if it works...have to test it first :-)

WOO! Hi Kloris!

Mr_A here, AKA the voice of mexi-chicken. Man, why do all of you have to be frontin'? my mexican accent isn't that off. Anyways, I havent seen the movie until just now, and nice job (especially on the end menu)! I wont go as far as to say it was "adorable", but it was pretty nice! PS~I had no problem with the subtitles. Go figure! PSS~Check out ULF's ADVENTURES, coming soon!

Kloris responds:

The movie is 24 fps, so the subtitles will show up slow for people with slow computers, or low resources, etc. Sorry about the inconvenience guys, all future movies will be in 12 fps.


WHY LORD, WHY HAVE YOU TAKEN HIM!!! If there is a next episode, it would either have to be Whitmore in hell, or star Linlithgow the beaver pirate! NOOO!!!!! (By the way, You guys have great singing voices. The end was magnificent)

EdibleCastle responds:

heheeheh 'you guys' i recorded myself singing multiple times. tis a one man band!


Funky. Like how you incorporated SOUND into this Flash, a concept most of the other people on Newgrounds dont seem to comprehend. Good Job.

ZT responds:

Thanks for da review, holmes.


If you made the song during Clinton's Reign, why'd you wait until now? Anyhow, it was a little too wierd and disturbing for my tastes. and the lyrics were off-key and (sorry) didn't sound all that good. Interesting Pre-loader, though!

FemJesse responds:

Because I didn't know flash until a few months ago maybe?


While i'm not into this gothic stuff, I do have to give you credit for giving my ad (Assassination Jim Ad!!!...look it up!) some credit of its own (and the pictures were pretty good I guess, too)

OCP-Lock responds:

Hmm..I'm not quite sure I understand what you are talking about with the Assassination Jim Ad. It sounds familiar, and I am glad that you took the time to review my movie. My next ones will be better though, I can guarantee that. Much better pictures, I promise...hha...

That was alright...

But I want to see more of the freakin' ewoks! Not just the claws! THE WHOLE EWOKS!!jub-jub, JUB-JUB!!!

angry-jama responds:


In the year 2010, back from the Nether-reaches of space and time, Mr-A has returned from the void to Newgrounds once again for the first time since 2006! What lies in store for our honorable hero? Wait and see...

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