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What class did you make this for?

I would've given you a larger score, but the whole movie was in german. And I hate nazis.

ShashiJapan4 responds:

I did add English subtitling for a reason...


A lot of people seem to like Macs better, but they can't play a whole lot of games or programs. So they're kind of useless if you like to play games or use a lot of programs on your computer. I also like Green eggs and ham. And flour.


don't respond to this.

Oh my god

you guys sell "crab battle" T-shirts? I'm going to go choke myself with a sock, b*tches.

Yeah, I noticed the transitions

There were lots, but you didn't seem to have any in this movie. A movie about transitions not having any. Double-you Tee Eff.

JeremyLokken responds:

There's a wipe after the editor gets killed. And a fade out at the end.


You won't even read this review. You don't care! You're just reading E-mails, working on you website, and making another funny episode of Burnt face man (or something else creepy). So yeah, this is a pointlessly gay review. You're not going to see it, and even if you do, you won't respond. Dammit! Why am I even wasting my time on this website! I could be exercising, or writing a novel, or getting chicks, or brushing my teeth, or saving children from fires, or getting a job at Arbys, or eating potatoes, or playing basketball, but no. I'm wasting about 5 minutes of my life leaving a freakin' review. Who am I. crap. Oh yeah, good movie.


Yeah, well. Yoda likes weed. Jabba's fat. It's pretty funny I guess.

Man, how do things like this get into collections?

I mean it's funny, but damn. I see better stuff than that in the portal all the time, and it gets no respect, no respect.


That was sad. The man didn't even have a chance.

Pretty good

but it was too short, and I took a little bit off the score only because of the lack of realism. Penguins can't hold guns. What were you thinking.

S1979P responds:

The movie wasn't meant to be realistic :-p. I thought trees in the middle of no where, and ninja penguins would point that out

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