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Darn, that was some super-funky music...

...What program did you make it in? Anyways, the lyrics didn't rhyme, and the graphics were a tad lame, but the catchyness of the background tune and mesmerizing dance moves of Dick Cheney kept this one cool. Salami x8!

I'm not sure if I like this

I usually hate video game sprite stuff most of the time, but this one's pretty funny. How did you do the blurry part with the acid? Photoshop, i'm guessing. Acorn.

Incubusx500 responds:

u would be right there (ah i love photoshop)

Dude this is awesome

Damn this is super cowabunga fresh!... On ice!

mr-bond responds:


That was...

...a sticky, sticky turd. It was cool how it looped, though.

Boojamon responds:

( ' -'); "Sticky turd, sticky toffee pudding, same in appearance, same in taste."

Where's Buzz episode 2?

I couldn't find it. Anyways, Buzz is a rip-off of that dopey vulture from Looney Toons, like that last guy said, but Who cares. It's funny. You should watch the adv. of Miguel & Perry, or Ulf's Adventure, if you like movies with "Adventure" in the title...


Man, that rocked house. The music was a little...angry, but it was still awesome. Burn those fat-free lemon-flavored yogurt loving b*tches!

Hey, thas good, man!

Who put this poo in my locker? Man, you never answered that. But it's good. Nearly just as good as the Adv. of Miguel & Perry, here on Newgrounds! After you watch this, you should watch that. Word?

Pretty good

I got the link to this movie from this BBS post: "how U get people 2 see old Movies??". See? The movie wasn't bad, but I didn't know what was going on, really. Is the bald guy "Agent 47"?

last guy's right

you should die 8 times. You Gothic clock-loving anime-fruit. ha ha. I'm so getting banned. Here, I'll give you a 7 so I'm safe. Eat it.

Barrelclock responds:

die 8 times? ugh. no way man. That would be like overkill.

nice graphics...

...But there are too many other movies like this. Men in suits with sunglasses, and the smirking anime guy that kills them. I've seen it a million times.

vandal1989 responds:

lol loosen up man... naw u can say what u want I don't mind.

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