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I liked it

I'm surprised. It should have a higher score.

Sorta good...

But the button was too hard to hit, so I lowered my score.

Kain-ScionOfBalance responds:

i am working on a new preloader,but i don't know if it works...have to test it first :-)

Not too shabby

You see, you don't have to have the best graphics ever in order to make something entertaining. Nice Job!

Heh, nice moral

Nothing too special here, but nothing bad, either. A quick, pointless, but quality Flash.

Great update!

This has to be the single best-looking Flash movie I've seen to date. The animation, graphics, presentation and sound are all exceptional. It didn't seem possible, but you've topped the original in all areas! Good Job!

That was nice

shorter than the last one, but nice. do it again.

WOO! Hi Kloris!

Mr_A here, AKA the voice of mexi-chicken. Man, why do all of you have to be frontin'? my mexican accent isn't that off. Anyways, I havent seen the movie until just now, and nice job (especially on the end menu)! I wont go as far as to say it was "adorable", but it was pretty nice! PS~I had no problem with the subtitles. Go figure! PSS~Check out ULF's ADVENTURES, coming soon!

Kloris responds:

The movie is 24 fps, so the subtitles will show up slow for people with slow computers, or low resources, etc. Sorry about the inconvenience guys, all future movies will be in 12 fps.

really good,

but doesn't Lindsay Lohan count as child porn? Hope not, 'cause i'd like to see more shorts like this from you. GOOD JOB!


I don't think I even heard the song "Banana Phone" in there once. Gerbils coming out of their heads was pretty...surprising, though.


THAT IS ALL IT IS! A SHAMELESS AD!...Nevertheless, it was pretty good (although I don't read web comics), but really short. Must be longer. Then, if it was longer it would be better. Longer is better, and better is longer. Keep saying "Longer" until it doesn't make sense anymore. It's fun.

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